In many parts of the New Lens app, you will enter text:

  • completing the Sign Up form
  • adding key takeaways, best practices, or action items
  • completing exercises, interim check-ins, or progress checks

If you are on your mobile device, your keyboard may have a "Go" button on it.  This button is unique to your device and does not perform the same function as tapping "Save" or "Done" within the application. 

To move forward in the application, 

  • Tap anywhere on your screen outside the text box to exit the keyboard
  • Look for the "Done", "Save", or "Next" button. Remember that you may have to scroll up or down on your screen to see it, if it is not immediately visible.
  • Tap "Done", "Save", or "Next" to save the text you entered. 
  • NOTE: If you do not want to save your text, tap "X" or "Cancel"
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