Tap the three stacked horizontal lines in the top left corner next to “Home” to access the Menu which includes the following:

HOME – See your next item to complete and your overall progress in the program


  • Key Takeaways– The key points you want to remember from reviewing the content.
  • My Best Practices – What you do really well: the actions and behaviors that allow you to deliver consistent results. Capturing your best practices will help you more intentionally leverage them.
  • Assessments – See your initial results and your most recent reassessment (if applicable).
  • Progress Checks – See your progress checks for each of the eight success strategies. Progress checks are designed to help you notice the results you are getting from taking action, and identifying the most important strategies you are using to help you do so.

ACTION – See previously stored items where you committed to take action.

  • Action Items – Review, sort, and mark any custom or suggested action items complete.
  • Exercises – Review and update any previously completed exercises here.


  • Favorites – Easily find any content that you marked as a favorite.
  • Success Strategies – Easily find and view any previously completed content in the eight success strategies that drive high performance.


  • Find technical support resources including videos, articles, FAQs and chat to ask questions.
  • Sign Out – Sign out of the application.
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